Welcome to the official website of the South Australian Branch of the Dental Hygienists’ Association of Australia.


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Our 2015 Executive Team is a group of energetic professionals with a strong interest in growing our profile, and in providing different learning opportunities for members and non-members of our Association. 



Objectives of the DHAA (SA Branch) Inc.:


  • To promote and advance the profession of dental hygiene 
  • To increase awareness of the importance of oral health in the broader community
  • To collaborate with other health organisations in the interests of the profession

Meet the 2015 Executive!

Left to right: Amelia Munn, Alexandra Ramsay, Philana Downie, Angela Sacco, Violetta Zotti, Louise Edwards, Tracey Herman, Alison Taylor


2015 Executive and Appointed Officers


Tracey Herman


Vice President  







Angela Sacco


Councilor 1

Philana Downie


Councilor 2

Alexandra Ramsay


National Councilor
Alison Taylor

Membership Officer 

Amelia Munn


Website Officer 

Jacquie Biggar